A Little Maple Lesson

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Dakin Farm’s Annual Sugar On Snow Celebration

Well lets see … It’s March, right?  and I am in Vermont, right?  Because outside, the temperature has been in and around 80 degrees.  Seriously folks … wacky!   And to top it off, today is the First Day of Spring (maybe we should just skip Spring, pretty sure we skipped Winter too,  and move right into Summer?) … NOOOO!! that won’t do because this weekend and next is Dakin Farm’s Sugar On Snow festivities … or should I say Dakin Farm’s NOT TO BE MISSED Sugar On Snow festivities … complete with music, taste sampling, pancake breakfast and more …

But I promised to do a little maple syrup education … because really, you are ALL so so curious as to what Maple Syrup is all about.

OK … there are FOUR grades of Maple Syrup … and yes, perhaps you should have a sampling of a couple of them in your cupboard/fridge.  Why? … read on.

Vermont Fancy:  It is the lightest in color being a Light Amber.  It has a delicate maple “bouquet” … meaning it has a mild maple flavor, and is excellent on pancakes, waffles, and ice cream.

Vermont Grade A Medium Amber:  This is next on the color scale having more of a Medium Amber tone with a more pronounced maple “bouquet”.  This is the most popular Vermont Maple Syrup Grade since it can be used for everything … but isn’t as sophisticated a flavor as the fancy!

Vermont Grade A Dark Amber:  And then as the color deepens to a Dark Amber, the flavor intensifies too.  Again, this is very popular as people’s taste buds are looking for a stronger maple flavor …

Vermont Grade B:  And finally, the strongest and darkest of the the Maple Syrup … this grade is the best for cooking … check out some of our recipes right off the website … delicious!!

Of course, I could elaborate a bit more about the true maple syrup classifications but I thought I would keep it short and sweet ! (pun intended)

Hope too see some of you this weekend or next for some Sugar On Snow “Dakin” style!!  Complete with music, bacon, sausage, pancakes, maple syrup and MORE!!  And while you’re there … don’t forget to grab the Easter Ham!



B.W.O.S … bring your own syrup … Maple Syrup, that is!!

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Let’s see … here in Vermont the sap is flowing … and even in this crazy winter that was/wasn’t … the sap really is still flowing!!  I think that perhaps living in Vermont, I take for granted that Maple Syrup is a staple across the country … or even, in New England.  But my son and I quickly realized that is NOT the case on a recent college tour staying at various spots around New England.  ”What is this stuff?”  ”Why don’t they have Real Maple Syrup?” ” We should have brought our own Dakin Farm Maple Syrup!” Because really, pancakes and waffles aren’t the same with out the “real deal”!!

Well, what is the “real deal”?  Unless you live in a place where you can take the time to visit a Sugar House … you might not know exactly where/how real Maple Syrup is  produced.  And guess what … it is pretty amazing actually.  This video is just the tip of the iceberg … and yes … some maple syrup is still collected with horse and cart.  So take  a peek ….

Pure Vermont Maple Syrup: Sugarmakers in Action.

Dakin Farm works with the finest Vermont Sugar Makers to produce the finest Maple Syrup in Vermont … mmmm … Throw that on some Dakin Farm Buttermilk Pancakes combined with their cob-smoked bacon, etc …. and your mouth experience a little bit of heaven.  Or drizzle some on top of some vanilla ice-cream!  Did you know there are different grades of Maple Syrup? … and that you might consider having several types in your pantry? … next blog, I will treat you to a little Maple Syrup Education … for now … enjoy the video!

Oh … and if you are a drivable distance … make sure to mark your calendars for some sugar on snow and more …

When:  Saturday – Sunday, March 24-25 and March 31 – April 1.

7:30AM – 4:00PM (Ferrisburgh)

12:00PM – 4:00PM (South Burlington)


Dakin Farm Flagship Store:  5797 Route 7,  Ferrisburgh, VT

Dakin Farm Branch Store:  100 Dorset Street, South Burlington, VT

Events:    Free Samples & Activities, Live Music (Ferrisburgh Only), Sap Boiling Observation (Ferrisburgh Only), Pancake Breakfast (Ferrisburgh Only)


More information can be found at http://www.dakinfarm.com/2012-Sugar-On-Snow.dlp, on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/dakinfarm, and on Twitter at https://twitter.com/#!/DakinFarm.


If you love Vermont …

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Finally some of that white fluffy stuff has fallen from the Vermont sky.  I was beginning to wonder if the winter of 2012 was going to be the longest mud season on record. (If you are not from around these parts .. you may ask yourself what Mud Season is exactly .. a snip-it from wikipedia defines it as “Mud season occurs only in places where the ground freezes deeply in winter, is covered by snow, and thaws in spring. Dirt roads and paths become muddy because the deeply frozen ground thaws from the surface down as the air temperature warms above freezing. The snow melts but the frozen lower layers of ground prevent water from percolating into the soil so the surface layers of soil become saturated with water and turn to mud.”  I liken it to a gelatinous mud layer that when driven upon makes you feel like your car is on the track of a theme park boat ride floating between the rails — if that makes any sense.

On the ONE hand, I am finding the lack of snow to be unbearable … snow is one of the backbones of our Vermont economy, driving many a thrill seeker & outdoorsman to our mountains, or to snowshoe/cross country ski out the back door, and much more.  In years past we have had plenty of storms dumping double-digit inches of snow, making Vermont a winter wonderland … sooooo, hello, mother nature, where’s the snow? (I should mention as well .. there is snow in the mountains … so don’t let the lack of snow halt your ski trip.)

But, on the OTHER hand, I was reminded when Vermont’s Governor Shumlin signed the ‘I am Vermont Strong’ License Plate Bill … that perhaps Vermont is doing ok with out the BIG Snowstorms which require BIG Money clean-up.  As most of you remember, Vermont was hit exceptionally hard last August when Hurricane Irene came for an extended visit (that, on the heels of flooding in the spring prior).  And if you take a drive through many areas in Vermont, it is sadly apparent that all has not returned to normal … there is so much more to be done … “families without permanent housing, businesses struggling to recover, farms facing feed shortages and concerns about damage to fields, and more.”  The I AM VERMONT STRONG LICENSE PLATE will raise some funds to help with just that.  They are now on sale and he hopes that Vermonters and Vermonters-in-heart (second home owners and tourists who love this state)  will purchase one.  Governor Shumlin also applauded several businesses and organizations that have stepped forward to hep with the I AM VERMONT STRONG license plate drive … one of which is DAKIN FARM.

I am proud to be a Vermonter and an employee of Dakin Farm.  I love our sense of community and our ability to help thy neighbor.  If anyone wishes to purchase the I AM VERMONT STRONG LICENSE PLATE … you can go to: http://vtstrong.vermont.gov  and it will direct you to the various places for purchase.  Oh, I should mention that they are $25 … can’t wait to display mine proudly on the front of my car!




Superbowl XLVI … are you in it for the …

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I’ve gotta another question for all of you … Superbowl XLVI … are you in it for (a) The Football; (b) The Party;  or (c) The Commercials ?

Ok … I should back up … for those of you non-football peeps … the Superbowl will take place on February 5th … so even if you are not “into football”  there is still time to plan that party and feign a slight interest in it!

Of course, I am all about the party (and my husband is all about the football) … and as you might imagine I am relegated to any other room so as not to TALK over the football game.   Now if I get this right … this weekend The New England Patriots play the Ravens at 3pm (Go Pats! …sorry … I am a New Englander … although living in VT I am referred to as a flatlander cuz “I ain’t from here, don’t cha know”) … followed by the Giants playing The 49ers at 6:30pm.  (Do I dare ask a second question … who are you all rooting for?)

Ok … back to the whole original question … if you are into it for the Football … good for you!  Hah …. BUT if you are in it for the PARTY … now we’re talking.  More to the point … what is on the menu?  Can I offer up a fun suggestion … SLIDERS!!  What, Pray tell is a Slider?  Not exactly the easiest question to answer so I am going to go with this …  ”a three bite  sandwich” or “shrucken mini sandwich”.  Originally they were small burgers set on a potato bun … but in true huate cuisine style … these fun little sandwiches have taken off and guess what … Dakin Farm is getting in on the action.

Oh … YUM … Pulled Pork Sliders.  Now … just say’n … football game?  Pass the sliders, please.  Order some up and you will be the party hero … I’m talking tender strips of Dakin Farm marinated BBQ pulled pork sitting in between a Klingers (local bakery) roll … are you salivating yet?  Now … I should mention option (c) The Commercials!  Why … because you need to make sure to “time” your Dakin Farm Slider bites so as not to choke when those often hilarious billion dollar commercials air  (ok… or when screaming at the TV because you can’t understand why your team chose to run THAT play … what WERE they THINKING? … I can hear it now).  Perhaps we should all take a quick refresher course in the Heimlich Maneuver just in case.

Bottom line … order up your sliders NOW … and you will be in good shape for Superbowl Sunday!  Party for one?  Party for more? … all good …And let us know who you are cheering for … Always fun to see where Dakin Farm enthusiasts and Football enthusiasts may collide …



2012 … Bring it on!

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Where to begin … another year older, another year for the history books, another year to celebrate, another year to reflect upon …  Why is it that 365 days can seem like such a long time yet those same days can whiz by in the blink of an eye?  So here I sit (once again) wishing everyone a Happy New Year!

On behalf of Dakin Farm, Best Wishes for 2012.  May the new year inspire greatness in us all, to find the good in all that surrounds us, to be aware of the little things that bring joy in our lives and in the lives of others.  May the new year give us strength to conquer and overcome those obstacles with which we would rather not be confronted.

Tonight, I will be serving up a Dakin Farm Spiral-Sliced Ham, with a 2 lb Dakin Farm hand-waxed cheddar cheese wheel, some Dakin Farm mustards, and some hearty rolls while I join some friends in bringing in the New Year.  I would like to raise a toast to you all!  Dakin Farm appreciates your patronage and looks forward to providing “a Taste of Vermont” for everyone to enjoy again in 2012.

Once again … best wishes for 2012 … may it be a great one!







Tis the Season … Entertaining!

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Fa-la-la-la-la …. are you ready? 

When we are younger the holidays are all about “us” … but as we grow up, we realize that the holidays, although marked with the stress of gift giving, is more about spending time with those we love – Shared times, shared stories, shared memories and creating some new ones in the process.  And with those shared times, often family and friends gather around a meal.  And there you have it ….Entertaining!

The simple word “Entertaining”, for many,  is daunting.  But I beg to differ.  Entertaining comes in so many forms …. from a holiday open house to a sit down 8 course meal to a Sunday brunch  Entertaining is simply creating a backdrop for a gathering of friends and family.  It creates the atmosphere for everyone to relax, enjoy, laugh, and share in the company of others.

Dakin Farm has so many delicious items to make your entertaining a success.  Let’s start with hors d’eouvres … from our own Dakin Farm hand-waxed cheddars and smoked pepperoni to our summer sausages and horseradish cheddar cheese spread … you can count on some happy nibblers!

Moving onto dinner … From our Spiral-Sliced, Maple-glazed Hams to a Bone-In Ham to our Boneless Roasted Turkey Breast.  Choose from a sit down meal to a Buffet style! This entertaining is simple and flavorful! 

And we can’t leave out the Holiday Brunch – Cob-smoked Bacon, Maple Breakfast Sausages, Pure Vermont Maple Syrup drizzled over pancakes.  Or perhaps you would prefer Canadian bacon?  Or delight in some Dakin Farm Strawberry jam or some pure maple butter spread on a top of your pancakes? (I have to admit, I am getting mighty hungry writing this blog) Oh, I can’t leave out the Dakin Farm quiches … another easy “heat and serve”.

So Fret no more … Dakin Farm can ease the “Entertaining” mayhem we all put upon ourselves.  Life is too short to worry about the “what to serve”.  Relax, let Dakin Farm prepare your food … you simply serve it up and go enjoy your party with your guests.  Trust me … it is a win-win.

So from the Dakin Farm family to yours … enjoy!


December has arrived … our days are numbered (for holiday shopping that is)

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Ferrisburgh Vermont Retail Store .... come visit!!

Well, December has arrived but so far the snow in Vermont has not.  I know, I know, some Vermonters think that is a good thing (are they true Vermonters, I ask)   But if it is going to be cold, I much prefer to see the white stuff in abundance.

One thing has arrived, however, and that the gift giving season.  Again, for some, the chaos of the season is overwhelming. But I always think it is a wonderful time of year to say thank you to those you appreciate, love, admire, value and enjoy.  Gifts from the heart, no matter what size, are treasured.  As we all know, “It is the thought that counts”.  So I offer up some suggestions of holiday cheer … from a pint of maple syrup to a gift of a  bacon, sausage and pancake breakfast; from a brick of cheddar cheese to a snack basket full of summer sausage, crackers, and mustards;  from a  small spiral petit ham to a full on bone-in maple-glazed, cob-smoked spiral ham for an amazing holiday meal.  Receiving a gift from Dakin Farm is always a special occasion.  From the moment the package arrives until the food is enjoyed the quality and good taste is evident.  It’s a gift that provides a warm holiday message of home, family, and tradition.  That you can count on!  And you won’t have to worry that your gift will be re-gifted since chances are it will be devoured with in a few day’s time.

Just throwing out another thing that arrives in December.  Yes, for the college student that is EXAMS.  So another thought … a Dakin Farm Care Package … perhaps some pepperoni, cheese, and crackers for that midnight snack attack.  Or perhaps Dakin Farm’s Mac ‘n Cheese for a “no brainer” meal while hitting the books.  Just say’n … should you choose to send a Dakin Farm care package … be prepared to be “THE FAVORITE”  Mom, Dad, Aunt, Uncle, Grandparent, Friend … EVER!!  (well, until the word gets out and someone trys to upstage you)

So as you contemplate the “who” and the “what” of the holidays, think of Dakin Farm.  Send a Taste of Vermont … and then, come visit … and bring the snow with you!  Ho Ho Ho.


We Give Thanks

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As I wrote, the snow in Vermont was inching up.  There was a winter “buzz” in the air, and once again the Thanksgiving travel madness had ensued which has become more the rule than the exception when it comes to Thanksgiving.   Mother Nature sure loves to toy with us in the Northeast.

Thanksgiving is perhaps the one time every year, for many of us, to “take stock” (as my son’s football coach always said) : to find the many and sundry things for which to be thankful.  From the the big picture down to the little daily minutiae,we should be thankful for what we have in our lives and be aware of those who are less fortunate.

Dakin Farm wishes everyone a Happy Thanksgiving filled with the warmth of friends and family comforted by a delicious meal and shared laughter and joy.  From our table to yours … all the best … and of course,  Gobble Gobble.


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Hmmm ... wonder what Dakin Farm goodies are in these packages ... Lumberjack Breakfast? Maple-glazed, cob-smoked spiral ham? ...

Oh the gift giving season is heating up over here. There is (and I am not quite sure if I agree with it) Christmas music on the radio, Holiday displays going up, and the dwindling days till you can “purchase no more” for holiday arrival. Of course, here at Dakin Farm, the phone lines are ringing, and corporate/business gifts orders are arriving daily. The Smokehouse is smoking, the Handmade Fudge is swirling in the mixer, the cheese is being handwaxed, the Maple Syrup is being bottled, and more. What a great time to visit Dakin Farm (if you are in the area)!

And as we do once every year, if you order before November 23rd, you will recieve 10% off your entire order. Seriously, it pays to plan ahead and cross off all those gifts now to arrive in time for Christmas. A taste of Vermont is always a welcomed treat. So give us a call, stop by one of our two store locations, or shop online. We can’t wait to hear from you. And don’t forget, we don’t bill you until the gift ships.

(Oh … and Gobble Gobble … had to say it, a Happy Thanksgiving to you a tiny bit early)


Oh … the first snow in the Vermont Forecast

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Where to begin … Most of the leaves have dropped off the trees and there is snow in the Vermont forecast. Are you ready? Although some Vermonters can’t bear to put their shorts away just yet, most of us are now reaching for a cozy sweater to keep off the chill. And of course, the change of seasons signals the upcoming gift giving season. And that brings this blog to me! I am returning once again to Dakin Farm to assist with corporate and large order gift giving. And I will be the face of Dakin Farm Social Media … what is that you may ask? Simply put … I will be the main voice behind Dakin Farm when you friend us on Facebook, Twitter, and our Blog. So … please find and follow us. I would love to connect with our Dakin Farm friends. And just in case you thought I couldn’t drive a tractor … hah … you would be correct … this one has a flat tire.