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2016 Maple Crop: Early Start – Long Productive Sea...

Dakin Farm's 2016 Crop of Pure Vermont Maple Syrup.

It happened early and our Northern Vermont Sugar Makers were ready! The first significant runs of sap from the maple trees came during the first week of February this year. Due to a fickle winter, with well below average snowfall, it was relatively easy to move around in the woods in order to maintain pipeline […]

2015 Maple Crop: Late Start – Short Seas...

2015 Maple Crop: Late Start – Short Season?

This year, it felt like winter would never end…temperatures remained in the teens and single digits all through February and most of March; the time when we normally make the majority of our maple syrup crop for the whole year! Finally, on March 12th conditions were right for the first sap run – a hard […]