Maple Cured, Cob-Smoked Hams – A Dakin Farm Tradition

Easter will certainly be different this year. Large family gatherings have recoiled to yet another meal at home in light of the coronavirus pandemic. If your household is anything like mine – we’re pretty tired of cooking. Luckily, we have the perfect solution that will take cooking off of your plate and still provide a memorable Easter dinner for your family.

What makes a Dakin Farm Ham so special? The Dakin Farm family recipe for curing and smoking dates back to the earliest settlers of Vermont, like Timothy Dakin, who cured their meat with Pure Vermont Maple Syrup and slow-smoked it in a wooden barrel over glowing corn-cob embers for a rich golden color and sweet, mild flavor. Today, our meats are still maple-cured and cob-smoked using the same time-honored recipe. Lean and tender, plump and delicious, all our of hams arrive ready to serve cold or gently warmed.

And what is Cob -Smoke exactly? Cob-smoke occurs when ground-up corn cobs are dropped on a 700-degree hot plate. The smoke then surrounds the meat and imparts a delicate, sweet flavor into the ham. All of our hams are smoked slow for hours on end which results in a moist, tender ham that never needs any “water added” or artificial flavors. Unlike some hardwood smoked meats, the cob-smoke has a less intense flavor, which is preferred as it pairs perfectly with the sweetness of Pure Vermont Maple Syrup used in the maple-cure and maple-glaze. Which ham will suit your dinner needs? Let’s take a look at your options;

Dakin Farm’s Classic Bone-In Dinner Ham

Bone-In Dinner Ham is a classic and the “ham that started it all for Dakin Farm”. When you cook meat on the bone, it tends to have better flavor and texture. We offer our Bone-In DInner hams in a half (6-7.5lbs) and whole (average 11lbs) sizes, making them the perfect choice for larger households and for those who are looking for plenty of leftovers to incorporate into meals. Our favorite part? using the bone to make a hearty soup! Our Grandma’s Dinner Ham Combo features a half Bone-In Dinner ham and a Split Pea and Lentil Soup Mix to be used with the leftovers, just like Grandma Cutting used to make!

Dakin Farm Boneless Hams Available in Various Sizes

Boneless Dinner Ham is pure convenience with no waste! Our boneless hams are cut from the best part of the ham and are 98% lean. The same sweet cob-smoked flavor that’s easy to slice or cube for sandwiches, salads and main courses. We offer a spiral-sliced version of our boneless hams as well for the ultimate in convenience and flavor. Our boneless hams range in size from 1.5lbs to 8lbs and are a great choice for smaller households.

Our Signature Bone-In, Spiral-Sliced Dakin Farm Ham

Bone-In Spiral Sliced Ham is our signature ham. We start with the same maple-cure and cob-smoke process as our boneless and bone-in hams, low and slow for hours on end. After that, true to its name, these hams are spiral-sliced into 1/8″ thick slices using state of the art equipment in our USDA certified smokehouse. After the spiral-slicing process, our Smoke Master then brushes on our own Pure Vermont Maple Syrup and sprinkles sugar and a secret blend of spices on top before torching the sugar to create the mouthwatering, unique glaze that truly embodies ‘What Vermont Tastes Like’. You can watch the video below to see Bob in action!

Smoke Master Bob Explains How Cob-Smoke and Maple Glazed Hams are Made at Dakin Farm.

We never use artificial flavors, fillers, or dyes in any of our products. You can be confident that when you purchase a ham from Dakin Farm, you are buying one of the highest quality, best-tasting hams you’ll ever have, we guarantee it!

Go ahead and start a new tradition with your family this year. Save yourself another night spent in your home kitchen and let us take care of your Easter menu. We promise it will be one to remember. Sit back, take a deep breath, and enjoy your Taste of Vermont surrounded by your loved ones. The memories made around the dinner table are the memories that will outlast these uncertain times.

Be sure to place your order by 2 pm EST on Wednesday, April 8th, 2020 for guaranteed nationwide delivery by Easter Weekend.

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