Save the Date! Vermont’s Sweetest Season Awaits

Spring is starting to approach. The days are growing longer and we have gotten a few stretches of refreshing, balmy weather. While some of us avid winter enthusiasts are a little disappointed in the below-average season, there is one thing nearly everyone can agree on… We’re ready for some much-needed sunshine, warmer days, and Sugaring Season to begin!

“Come on in, We’re boiling!”
Dakin Farm’s Sugar House in full steam during last year’s pancake breakfast

Over the next couple of weeks, when winter loosens its grip throughout the day and the sun starts to thaw the frozen ground, the maple trees across the region will start to wake from their hibernation. It’s the moment sugar makers wait for all year; the short window where the tree’s sap begins to flow- before the buds appear at the end of the trees’ limbs. This is when the sap is sweetest and at its best, ready to be carefully collected and boiled down to make Pure Maple Syrup. While we may not be in that sweet sap producing spot just yet, it is certainly not far off. Sugarmakers across the state are busy making sure the squirrels have kept off their lines and everything is in working order so they’re ready to collect the very first drop.

Watch Dakin Farm’s Pure Vermont Maple Syrup Story
with Scenes from 2018’s Sugar on Snow Party

Sugar on snow is a tradition here in New England. It’s our way of celebrating the start of spring… or the start of mud season… or simply the end of a harsh Winter – however you look at it. It’s a weekend where sugar houses open their doors and welcome everyone. A chance for the makers to show the public the magic of turning watery sap into the world’s most natural and healthful sweetener, the liquid gold known as Pure Vermont Maple Syrup. It’s a reason to celebrate a year’s worth of hard work by sharing and enjoying the tradition and sweet labor of love.

Join us on March 21st and 22nd for our annually delicious Pancake Breakfast and Sugar on Snow Parties! We’ll have fun, festivities, and celebrations for all things Maple at both of our locations.

For more information and to view a full schedule for this year’s Sugar on Snow, please head to our Special Events Page. We hope to see you there!