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2015 Maple Crop: Late Start – Short Seas...

2015 Maple Crop: Late Start – Short Season?

This year, it felt like winter would never end…temperatures remained in the teens and single digits all through February and most of March; the time when we normally make the majority of our maple syrup crop for the whole year! Finally, on March 12th conditions were right for the first sap run – a hard […]

Bluegrass Meets Breakfast: A Convergence of Music and Ma...

Bluegrass Meets Breakfast: A Convergence of Music and Maple

There is something special about late March in Vermont…the time of year when sap begins to flow through miles of tubing that crisscross Vermont’s majestic Sugar Maple groves. Around the state, whether along busy roads or in the deep woods, steam rising from Sugar Houses can be seen twirling its way upward into the bright, […]

Groups, tour buses welcomed at Dakin F...

Group Tour Bus parked outside of Dakin Farm Market

Crowd pleasers include guided tours, demonstrations and tasty samples of sweet and salty treats. Dakin Farm welcomes group tours year-round at our Ferrsiburgh location — with two large parking lots, we can easily accommodate tour buses. Group tours are FREE. Please call to make a reservation: 1.800.99.DAKIN. Sam Cutting, Jr. President of Dakin Farm enjoys giving […]

Gluten-Free Produ...

Grade A Medium Amber Syrup

With nearly 6% of the population, nearly 18 million people, having gluten sensitivity, many of our customers are interested in knowing which of our products are gluten free. Whether customers need to know for their own allergies or for their friends and family who may be receiving gifts from Dakin Farm, we want to provide […]