A Day for the Moms!

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Heads up everyone … Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 13th.  Yup … that is just around the corner.  Not that you didn’t know it was coming as it comes around EVERY year in May.  The second Sunday in May to be precise.  But it still seems like it is the mad dash to figure out just how to celebrate all the Moms!  And of course … I always chuckle it is a bit of a Hallmark Holiday … but as a Mom who has endured the teenage years with my 2 sons, it’s not so bad to be honored!  I guess if nothing else, Mother’s Day should give us “pause” to contemplate all that Moms have done for us.  And when I say “MOM”, I don’t think of the stereotypical Mom necessarily … because I think of all those women who have helped “parent” someone… it could be a foster mom, a distant relative who stepped in to care for a child, a close friend who saw a need to help in a parenting struggle, a grandmother,  … oh, the list could be long.  But essentially, we end up celebrating those who have cared for us, through thick and thin, sickness and health, helped to keep us on the right path and who will always be there for us, even when we falter  … and if you are a mother reading this, you know darn well … “Being a Mother ain’t easy!”

Growing up, my mother’s biggest threat was ” I hope you have children like yourself” because then you will understand.  Well, that didn’t exactly  happen because I had two boys and she had two girls.  But funny enough … it did make me appreciate all that she had done for me, and continues to do.  And it didn’t happen in an instant … it took many years of wading through the trials and tribulations of everything a “mom” does for the true appreciation.  Mothers, however you define them, are a gift and should be treasured everyday … but let’s be realistic … That’s not gonna happen.  So perhaps, having at least ONE day where we can reflect on those “Mothers” who have been there for us … even if it was only for a limited time … is a wonderful thing.  I enjoy reading the cards my sons write to me because in their own words they tell me what I have done that means so much to them.  And every year, I shed a tear.  It is so important to tell those you love not only that you love them and treasure them, but also tell them why.  And Mother’s Day is a great day to do just that.

Now, along with that card you have written … let’s talk about making the day special … and bring this blog back to Dakin Farm.  For some … it might mean Breakfast in Bed.  For others, I might be a full on Mother’s Day Brunch, and for others it may be an elegant dinner complete with candlelight.  But you guessed it .. no matter the meal … Dakin Farm has a wonderful array of  cob-smoked bacon, ham, sausages, quiches, spiral-cut hams and turkeys, Vermont Artisan Cheeses, and don’t forget their homemade fudge  to make your special Mom feel just that … SPECIAL.  So … make it easy on yourself by choosing to bring her a Taste of Vermont … to let her know just how much you value all those little things that Moms do / have done / and continue to do …. even when your not looking!

Happy Mothers Day … 


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