A Little Maple Lesson

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Dakin Farm’s Annual Sugar On Snow Celebration

Well lets see … It’s March, right?  and I am in Vermont, right?  Because outside, the temperature has been in and around 80 degrees.  Seriously folks … wacky!   And to top it off, today is the First Day of Spring (maybe we should just skip Spring, pretty sure we skipped Winter too,  and move right into Summer?) … NOOOO!! that won’t do because this weekend and next is Dakin Farm’s Sugar On Snow festivities … or should I say Dakin Farm’s NOT TO BE MISSED Sugar On Snow festivities … complete with music, taste sampling, pancake breakfast and more …

But I promised to do a little maple syrup education … because really, you are ALL so so curious as to what Maple Syrup is all about.

OK … there are FOUR grades of Maple Syrup … and yes, perhaps you should have a sampling of a couple of them in your cupboard/fridge.  Why? … read on.

Vermont Fancy:  It is the lightest in color being a Light Amber.  It has a delicate maple “bouquet” … meaning it has a mild maple flavor, and is excellent on pancakes, waffles, and ice cream.

Vermont Grade A Medium Amber:  This is next on the color scale having more of a Medium Amber tone with a more pronounced maple “bouquet”.  This is the most popular Vermont Maple Syrup Grade since it can be used for everything … but isn’t as sophisticated a flavor as the fancy!

Vermont Grade A Dark Amber:  And then as the color deepens to a Dark Amber, the flavor intensifies too.  Again, this is very popular as people’s taste buds are looking for a stronger maple flavor …

Vermont Grade B:  And finally, the strongest and darkest of the the Maple Syrup … this grade is the best for cooking … check out some of our recipes right off the website … delicious!!

Of course, I could elaborate a bit more about the true maple syrup classifications but I thought I would keep it short and sweet ! (pun intended)

Hope too see some of you this weekend or next for some Sugar On Snow “Dakin” style!!  Complete with music, bacon, sausage, pancakes, maple syrup and MORE!!  And while you’re there … don’t forget to grab the Easter Ham!



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