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Finally some of that white fluffy stuff has fallen from the Vermont sky.  I was beginning to wonder if the winter of 2012 was going to be the longest mud season on record. (If you are not from around these parts .. you may ask yourself what Mud Season is exactly .. a snip-it from wikipedia defines it as “Mud season occurs only in places where the ground freezes deeply in winter, is covered by snow, and thaws in spring. Dirt roads and paths become muddy because the deeply frozen ground thaws from the surface down as the air temperature warms above freezing. The snow melts but the frozen lower layers of ground prevent water from percolating into the soil so the surface layers of soil become saturated with water and turn to mud.”  I liken it to a gelatinous mud layer that when driven upon makes you feel like your car is on the track of a theme park boat ride floating between the rails — if that makes any sense.

On the ONE hand, I am finding the lack of snow to be unbearable … snow is one of the backbones of our Vermont economy, driving many a thrill seeker & outdoorsman to our mountains, or to snowshoe/cross country ski out the back door, and much more.  In years past we have had plenty of storms dumping double-digit inches of snow, making Vermont a winter wonderland … sooooo, hello, mother nature, where’s the snow? (I should mention as well .. there is snow in the mountains … so don’t let the lack of snow halt your ski trip.)

But, on the OTHER hand, I was reminded when Vermont’s Governor Shumlin signed the ‘I am Vermont Strong’ License Plate Bill … that perhaps Vermont is doing ok with out the BIG Snowstorms which require BIG Money clean-up.  As most of you remember, Vermont was hit exceptionally hard last August when Hurricane Irene came for an extended visit (that, on the heels of flooding in the spring prior).  And if you take a drive through many areas in Vermont, it is sadly apparent that all has not returned to normal … there is so much more to be done … “families without permanent housing, businesses struggling to recover, farms facing feed shortages and concerns about damage to fields, and more.”  The I AM VERMONT STRONG LICENSE PLATE will raise some funds to help with just that.  They are now on sale and he hopes that Vermonters and Vermonters-in-heart (second home owners and tourists who love this state)  will purchase one.  Governor Shumlin also applauded several businesses and organizations that have stepped forward to hep with the I AM VERMONT STRONG license plate drive … one of which is DAKIN FARM.

I am proud to be a Vermonter and an employee of Dakin Farm.  I love our sense of community and our ability to help thy neighbor.  If anyone wishes to purchase the I AM VERMONT STRONG LICENSE PLATE … you can go to: http://vtstrong.vermont.gov  and it will direct you to the various places for purchase.  Oh, I should mention that they are $25 … can’t wait to display mine proudly on the front of my car!




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