Superbowl XLVI … are you in it for the …

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I’ve gotta another question for all of you … Superbowl XLVI … are you in it for (a) The Football; (b) The Party;  or (c) The Commercials ?

Ok … I should back up … for those of you non-football peeps … the Superbowl will take place on February 5th … so even if you are not “into football”  there is still time to plan that party and feign a slight interest in it!

Of course, I am all about the party (and my husband is all about the football) … and as you might imagine I am relegated to any other room so as not to TALK over the football game.   Now if I get this right … this weekend The New England Patriots play the Ravens at 3pm (Go Pats! …sorry … I am a New Englander … although living in VT I am referred to as a flatlander cuz “I ain’t from here, don’t cha know”) … followed by the Giants playing The 49ers at 6:30pm.  (Do I dare ask a second question … who are you all rooting for?)

Ok … back to the whole original question … if you are into it for the Football … good for you!  Hah …. BUT if you are in it for the PARTY … now we’re talking.  More to the point … what is on the menu?  Can I offer up a fun suggestion … SLIDERS!!  What, Pray tell is a Slider?  Not exactly the easiest question to answer so I am going to go with this …  ”a three bite  sandwich” or “shrucken mini sandwich”.  Originally they were small burgers set on a potato bun … but in true huate cuisine style … these fun little sandwiches have taken off and guess what … Dakin Farm is getting in on the action.

Oh … YUM … Pulled Pork Sliders.  Now … just say’n … football game?  Pass the sliders, please.  Order some up and you will be the party hero … I’m talking tender strips of Dakin Farm marinated BBQ pulled pork sitting in between a Klingers (local bakery) roll … are you salivating yet?  Now … I should mention option (c) The Commercials!  Why … because you need to make sure to “time” your Dakin Farm Slider bites so as not to choke when those often hilarious billion dollar commercials air  (ok… or when screaming at the TV because you can’t understand why your team chose to run THAT play … what WERE they THINKING? … I can hear it now).  Perhaps we should all take a quick refresher course in the Heimlich Maneuver just in case.

Bottom line … order up your sliders NOW … and you will be in good shape for Superbowl Sunday!  Party for one?  Party for more? … all good …And let us know who you are cheering for … Always fun to see where Dakin Farm enthusiasts and Football enthusiasts may collide …



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  1. super bowl 2012 live online 30 January 2012 at 7:39 pm #

    Packers vs Giants. This will likely be wonderful.

  2. Logan Saunder . 17 February 2012 at 4:46 pm #

    Normally you watch the game and talk during commercials, right The reverse is true for the Superbowl.

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