2012 … Bring it on!

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Where to begin … another year older, another year for the history books, another year to celebrate, another year to reflect upon …  Why is it that 365 days can seem like such a long time yet those same days can whiz by in the blink of an eye?  So here I sit (once again) wishing everyone a Happy New Year!

On behalf of Dakin Farm, Best Wishes for 2012.  May the new year inspire greatness in us all, to find the good in all that surrounds us, to be aware of the little things that bring joy in our lives and in the lives of others.  May the new year give us strength to conquer and overcome those obstacles with which we would rather not be confronted.

Tonight, I will be serving up a Dakin Farm Spiral-Sliced Ham, with a 2 lb Dakin Farm hand-waxed cheddar cheese wheel, some Dakin Farm mustards, and some hearty rolls while I join some friends in bringing in the New Year.  I would like to raise a toast to you all!  Dakin Farm appreciates your patronage and looks forward to providing “a Taste of Vermont” for everyone to enjoy again in 2012.

Once again … best wishes for 2012 … may it be a great one!







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