Maple education for our next generation

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During maple sugaring season (Late February through Early April)  in Vermont, the Cutting family of Dakin Farm hosts many school groups to explain all about maple sugaring in Vermont. We feel it is important for Vermont children to learn about their “Maple Heritage”. After all, not only does Vermont produce the most maple syrup in the country, but, also the BEST maple syrup in the world! :)

Pictured, a local pre-school group from our town tastes “Sugar on Snow” after learning about how maple sap is boiled into Pure Vermont Maple Syrup in the Dakin Farm sugarhouse by Sam Cutting IV, president of Dakin Farm.

Want to know more about Maple production in Vermont?

Click here to go to the Vermont Maple Page for more information and to learn about our Sugarhouse and Sugarmakers’ around the state!

Want to buy some Maple Syrup? Click HERE.

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