Making & Serving Sugar on Snow at Home!

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Maple Syrup is treated with the utmost care by Sugarmakers’ and the temperature of boiling has to be almost perfect (or perfect) for Maple Syrup to be… well, Maple Syrup!

If you miss the opportunity to try Maple on Snow this Sugaring season in Vermont, try it at home!

  1. Crush ice or gather snow
  2. Pour the desired amount of pure Vermont maple syrup in a cooking kettle and heat over medium high, to high heat (we like Grade A Medium Amber).
  3. Smear the rim of the kettle with a small amount of butter or vegetable oil so the syrup will not boil over and to keep the boiling liquid low in the kettle.
  4. With a Candy thermometer monitor the temperature of the syrup while boiling. Correct “sugar on snow consistency” is exactly 233 degrees F.
  5. Remove heated and thickened maple syrup from heat source and allow to cool briefly (5 min.) so that it will not melt the snow as quickly.
  6. Pour* thickened maple syrup over crushed ice or snow in ribbons vs. a big blob.  When heated to the proper temperature, the syrup will form a taffy when it hits the cold snow.
  7. Twirl the thickened “taffy” with the tines of a fork and allow a few ice crystals to stick to the taffy. Eat directly from the fork.
  8. Sugar on Snow is commonly served with a pickle and doughnut.

*Note: once the syrup is heated, it is best to pour it over snow without agitating it. If a ladle, cup or spoon is repeatedly dipped in the thickened syrup, the syrup will crystallize


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