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Danielle Devlin of BakeAria, LLC, is now creating wonderful Desserts and Baked Goods for our product line. Every piece is handmade by Danielle herself, click to watch her below as she shows us some tricks on baking Rugelach and reveals her product line inlcuding:

Video: Dakin Farm Baked Goods by Danielle

Maple Pecan Rugelach: We’re so excited to be able to offer you this handmade, outrageously delicious pastry here for the first time! Made with all natural ingredients and our unique twist of Pure Vermont Maple Syrup and fresh pecans; a combination that simply can not be beat.

Maple Poached Pear Tart:
This lovely dessert pastry would be equally “at home” in the finest French restaurant as it would be ongeneric viagra forum your own dessert table. Hand made with a Frangipane of fresh eggs, sugar and almonds baked into a light and flaky pastry shell and topped with maple marinated pears. Shipped frozen to arrive firm and cool and ready to serve. A true delight from our skilled Vermont pastry chef.

Mini Fruit Pies: We’ve captured the flavor of summer field and autumn orchard with our mini lattice top fruit pies. Just like Grandma used to make only smaller. The crust is light and flaky and they are not too sweet. There is just enough sweetness to compliment, not overpower the luscious fruit. They arrive cool and ready to warm or serve straight from the package. Indulge in a 4″ pie or share half with a friend.

Mixed Dried Fruit Scones:
Baked with pride by our own Danielle Devlin in her home bakery located in Sheldon Vermont using only the finest, fresh, local ingredients. Our scones are flash frozen the day they are made to lock in their fresh flavor. We ship them to arrive ready to eat right from the package or you may warm them in your oven. We’ve included two each of Danielle’s most popular flavors: Dried Wild Blueberry with Lemon, Cranberry-Candied Ginger and Dried Apricot. Taste the homemade goodness in each bite.

Maple Crème Brulée: This is a true Crème Brulée expertly prepared with only the finest, fresh ingredients from Vermont. Our creamy custard base is the perfect contrast to the intense maple topping. Made by hand in the traditional way with fresh dairy cream and a fired maple sugar top. Packed in reusable ramekins.

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